Project Description

Event Design


Eden Brae Homes events design by Wright Creative, Stephen Wright

Graphic design for a series of corporate events, with a professional and welcoming design tone.

Havana Nights

“Havana Nights” design brief called for a truly evocative and smooth Cuban-style graphic design, recalling Cuba’s rich cultural past. Starting points for the design elements included a motif of golden reflective type (drawing inspiration from Cuban cigar boxes and their complex flourishes.

Races Royale

This was a “casino royale” style. For this theme, I adopt the motif of roulette tables with a contemporary treatment to the designs with a custom designed illustrated logo featuring the race icons and logotype.

Mingle & Jingle Fundraiser

Graphic design for fundraising race day event entitled “Mingle and Jingle”, a bit of whimsy – celebrating the finale of a working year. For this theme, I adopt the motif of Christmas baubles and give it a contemporary feel with layered elements and a subdued palette which offsets the intricate detail of the designs.

  • Logo design

  • EDM “Save the date” design

  • EDM Invitation design

  • Event RSVP cVent Website

  • Thematic designed event website