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Project Description

3 Murray Rose Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park


Eden Brae Homes events design by Wright Creative, Stephen Wright
Murray Rose Office Park Virtual Tour - Creative 3D Perspectives Animation

The challenge: how to show a property which is under construction, as if completed and built.

The solution:

  • Working off CAD plans, 3D software is used to build a model of the building.
  • The interiors are completed with fitout plan (supplied by the owners’ interior designers).
  • 3D artist impressions are created of interior and exterior.
  • This is merged with real world photography and videos.
  • The Artist Impressions are then deployed in 3 ways:
  • 1. Video presentation of animated ‘flight path’/walk through.
  • 2. Photorealistic static images.
  •  3. Mobile App with 360º interactive views and augmented reality features*.
    • *The mobile app’s multimedia content “superimposes” computer-generated artist impression images on top of the view of “reality” (e.g. what your phone sees through the camera lens), thus creating a composite view that augments the real world brochure.

Try the Mobile App yourself.

  1. First Print the brochure
  2. Then download the app. Have fun!
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